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Something Completely Different

Linux OS environment for professional users - meaning large to huge systems, huge amount of machines, only once installed binaries (not every machine need to contain everything), large disks or huge amount of disks, huge amount of users in same machine - also users with differing needs, even different program versions or using same named applications, like "emacs the editor or emacs the video viewer", but also neat and compact embedded solutions .

To build perfect distribution; keywords: pedantic, functionable, software hierarchy.

To give possibilities between software solutions - like GNUless installation (TODO).

To function in future as aow runtime environment.

"Don't crap my ROOT" - programs, libraries, and configuration files may be installed also elsewhere than /bin, /lib, and /etc directories.

"Keep my namespace clean", also "don't limit my namespace" - we are living now about 1M times bigger unix user world than during 80's, so we may have other program names than "tr" or "ls".

Linux/aow is based on earlier development which used SLS/Slackware root file system from early 1993.

Linux/aow project has currently no downloadable files (except Makefiles).

NEW Not actually part of Linux/aow project, but .. some toolchains (i686,arm,avr) for embedded development may be downloaded in here. Toolchains are for our internal use, but may freely be used by others too.

Currently all copyrights held by Linux/aow project. No redistribution of this material allowed. Copyright contains (a) material created by Linux/aow project, and (b) material modified or added by Linux/aow project containing the modified parts as stated by Finnish copyright law.

against bad programs and bad programming
You just can't remember all parameters and commands within the world of 100,000 programs. Check this out:
bad programs

To fix utilities and programs or to write following utilities and programs again:

  • Linux kernel (2.6.*)
    to fix multiple bugs or buggyish "features", things like:
    • better error messaging (needs "tagging" to everywhere in kernel code).
    • to fix serious bugs like, when using ide-scsi + sg, and burning cds/dvds using it, and mounting the cd drive using ide interface - kernel filesystem HANGS. Say "sync" and it will hang .. somewhere bad planning!
    • module force remove should function fully and also notify any device waiting process. This may mean eventually even killing processes in device wait state, if anything else does not help.
  • libtool (GNU)
    newer versions seem to contain more and more bugs.
  • configure (GNU)
    original is a script mess.

project sponsors
See here for project sponsors.

project resource needs
See here for resources needed.

source code
Linux/aow project makefiles containing possible diffs are released.

specialized subprojects
Subprojects to add special features.

  • real-time Linux
    Usage: mobile | embedded
  • virtual Linux
    Usage: running binary only software securely in its own OS instance. (Skype,Adobe Reader,...) | running services securely
  • microcontroller Linux
    Usage: mobile | embedded | subsystem processors

communication / information exchange
Use ircnet channel linux.aow.

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